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rendering credit to: Courtesy HHMK Development LLC

    Commerce Developer:  Howard Hughes, MacNaughton Group, Kobayashi Group Sales website: Analysis Views:  Views over Alamoana and the shopping center.  Once you get past the sea of cars and pavement, it should have a tremendous view! Location:  Ala Moana.  the proximity to Keeamoku and Korea Town as well as Ala Moana and Kapiolani. [...]

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Commerce Developer:  Alexander & Baldwin Sales website: Analysis Views:  We’re not sure yet, but we’ll model this building on sketchup and see how it really fits in with the other buildings around it. Location:  We call this district of  Kaka’ako “the Blue city”.   Community Impact on area: Location near Ward center and Ala [...]

  The Catholic Church of Hawaii’s School in KAPOLEI / WEST OAHU   status:  land acquisition approved by UH see PBN article: CLICK HERE     Community Impact on area:   Cultural  Current issues:  archeological –   Opinion: also posted on the PBN article: This will be very interesting to follow. The first sentence of [...]

kakaako master plan by MVE

Honolulu –   New Projects, and Old Projects! I’ll first be reviewing specific projects and specific commercial real estate listings to discuss what I think the merits and risks related to the property.  Note that these will be 3rd party comments, and if personally involved in the project, I will disclose my interests.  I hope [...]

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Honolulu – Hellow World, if you’re looking for real estate in Hawaii, this blog is it.  I’ll be starting reviews on commercial land and property, and hopefully as time progresses we will split up into regions and use maps to have you the bloggers enter your data up on this site.  For now we’ll focus [...]